Acorn Diffuser and Humidifier
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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier
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Aromatherapy Diffuser and Humidifier

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Uniquely designed to maximize the experience and improve your baby’s sleep when placed in a kids room or nursery, this adorable Acorn Diffuser and Humidifier can deliver countless aromatic benefits to your family and home. It’s made of high quality BPA free material to quickly release the therapeutic benefits of your essential oils, promoting health and vitality. Inspired by nature, the state-of-art, winsome shape can provide decorative piece to your nursery or kids room while emitting fine, sooting mist or serving as a night lamp.

  • Very beneficial for children - There are many benefits of aromatherapy when diffusing high quality essential oils such as promoting better sleep, improving general health, reducing stress and anxiety, relieve from colds and congestion
  • Extended spray time - Impressively long spray time of 6-8 hours of continuous spray
  • Multicolored LED light - Equipped with five different colored LED lights to help add an additional mood effect and serve as a night lamp
  • Durable BPA free body - The shell is made from hard durable ABS plastic, ensuring its protection from small drops or bumps
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