What is an essential oil diffuser?

You may have heard of aromatherapy diffuser, or what is commonly referred to as essential oil diffuser, and wondered what it's all about. This article will provide you information that will help you learn more about it, and based on its uses and benefits, even come to really appreciate it.
An essential oil diffuser spreads natural fragrance in a room or space. The essential oil diffuser is normally dispersed in a room, spreading to every corner to give it an aroma that fills every space. They are popular for their effectiveness in giving the room lots of freshness, relieving stress, boosting immune systems, eliminating germs and other disease-causing organisms, among other benefits. 

How does an essential oil diffuser work?

The essential oil gets into the air through a diffuser where the oils are broken down into micro molecules for easier dispersion into the air. When the micro molecules are inhaled, they get into the respiratory system and finally into the blood system. The body responds through relaxing with most of the effects experience in the mind, as one relaxes and acquires a good mood.

There are several ways through which the essential oils can be diffused in the air, but the main method which many use and enjoy is the ultrasonic diffusion. 

They are popular for the fact that they are easy to use, they also humidify the air and are relatively cheaper compared to other types of diffusers.

The benefits of diffusing essential oils

There are several benefits for diffusing essential oils, some of them are:

                        🍃 Enhancing general health
                        🍃 Getting rid of unwanted odors in your house of office
                        🍃 Ridding your home or office of airborne bacteria
                        🍃 Improving skin condition
                        🍃 Reducing stress and anxiety
                        🍃 Removing mold from your home
                        🍃 Boosting immunity
                        🍃 Increasing alertness and mind clarity
                        🍃 Creating a calm environment

Few ways to use essential oils

  • Essential oil burners, normally placed on a ceramic reservoir and then put on a heat source
  • Reed diffusers, which are comprised of a small bottle filled with aromatic oil and rattan seeds
  • Nebulizer diffusers
  • Ultrasonic cool mist diffusers, which come with a water reservoir covered with a lid
  • Using your hands, where one simply drips the oil, rubbing the hands together, covering the nose and breathing deeply

Cleaning a diffuser

It is recommended to clean the diffuser regularly. For beginners this can be a challenge, but slowly one gets used to it. The exact cleaning specification and steps normally vary depending on the type of diffuser in use, however there are general steps which include:

  • Fill the dispenser half way through
  • Add at least ten drops of white vinegar
  • Allow the diffuser to run for a moment and the water vinegar solution to disperse
  • Drain the diffuser
  • Use cotton which is dipped in vinegar to clean the spots and corner making sure no parts are left dirty
  • Rinse well using clean water
  • Dry thoroughly using a piece of cloth

Now you can enjoy the aromatherapy diffuser and indulge the benefits that come along.

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